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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010


About 3 years ago, I renewed a friendship with a childhood friend. We had not seen each other in almost 30 years! It's been wonderful! We meet at Starbucks, or Second Cup for Latte's and talk for hours...anyway, each Christmas we gift each other with a homemade gift....this year I made her a scarf, and a cross-stitch ornament (which I forgot to take a photo of)...and she made me this beautiful reusable bag! The photo on the front has a special reflects 3 cottages on a hill, and a "clubhouse" where we spent much of our summers together. I just love it! Thank you Karla!!

I also took a photo of the little tree I have in my kitchen this year. Most of the ornaments are "prim", or handmade by my aunt, or just kitchen related. I've had this tree up and decorated for over a month and am really enjoying it. In the right hand of the photo you will see "Ye Olde Woolery Shoppe by Plum Street Samplers...I finished that a couple of months ago.

Well, everyone have a safe and happy week....countdown to Christmas is on!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010


Good morning everyone! I did not fall off the radar...I have been around....visiting Blogs on occasion, etc...and the thought has crossed my mind for sometime now to end my "Lake of Shining Waters" Blog and start this one....why you ask?

Wellllll........ I really enjoyed my old Blog for a long time, but felt that I did not attract a lot of visitors for one thing, and also....I felt obligated to always have a photo of water in my
header....and after seeing so many other gorgeous stitching related headers..etc....I decided I needed a new start!
Hopefully all my old followers have not dropped me, and I hope that I attract many more! is everyone? Getting ready for the Holidays? I am happy to say that I am ready! That's a first! Presents are wrapped....decorations are is bought (okay, I will be making a couple of runs to the stores this week for extra food)...but all in all...I am done!
I have been stitching....and I have been "Blanketing"........I also have an obsession with Plum Street Sampler Designs...I just love all of Paulette's designs...I have a few on the go, have finished a few, and have a whole list of what I still want to stitch of her designs! To begin I'll start with my Swedish Weaving Blankets that I have done recently...the beige Blanket below is one I did and gave to a wonderful online friend for Christmas...I can post the photo, because it has been received......

The green blanket is one I did and donated to the local Lion's Club for their Christmas Raffle...I think it was well received.

Now on to some stitching.....
Here is "Hallow Eden" by Plum Street Samplers..which I hope to have stitched by Christmas. (just a personal goal). It is stitched on 28 count that I had in my stash...I love how this is turning out!

I also recently finished up my Primitive Needle "Earth Sampler" and framed that...I love how it turned out! I found the frame in a second hand was new, but was white......this is the end result!

Anyway, I seem to be having a glich with Blogger this morning, and my I will end for now......please leave me a comment if you have found this Blog...and THANK YOU....
Take care everyone!