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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If you can spare a prayer of positive thought...

I am adding a link to a Blog that is on my sidebar...if you have a moment, please visit Emma Lee's is documenting her brave struggle with cancer, and she could definitely use any extra prayers possible at this point, as could her family. She is a courageous woman, and a fantastic singer...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm BAAAAAAAACK.......just saying...

Good morning! I am back...I've been thinking about restarting this for sometime, and decided that the first day of school....a new beginning for each of my children, would be a good day for me to have a new beginning with this Blog!!

So, my oldest daughter starts community college today, my son starts grade 12, and my youngest starts High School (grade 9) so, busy and challenging years for all three!

This summer just flew by...and it certainly wasn't because the weather was wasn't...two days we made it to the beach...TWO DAYS!

I did start a part-time job in June.....I am working as a merchandiser for American Greeting Cards...(Carlton Cards)....just a few hours a week, and it is flexible...perfect for what I was looking for. I do enjoy isn't great, but hey, it updates my resume, and gets me out there!

My best friend got married July 31, and is moving the end of this month to another province...I will miss her greatly, but I am happy for her. Most of July was spent working on her wedding gift...I made her a swedish weaving record time...3 weeks!! ( I only had a month notice of her was cutting it short!)

I have been stitching here and there...trying to dig out some of my UFO's and put some stitches in them......."Seven Days of Creation" has gotten some of my attention....and I have finished Jenny Bean...."Creation Sampler".

My goal for today...when everyone, including DH has left the house....ENJOY MY SECOND CUP OF COFFEE.....AND STITCH!!

Have a great day everyone!! Take time to enjoy "the little things".