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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am such a BAD, BAD blogger!! Here I sit, almost a month later, with no updated posts in between...yet I sit here and read all my favourite Blogs and admire how they update, show beautiful photos......and say "I need to do that" I? NO!!
No excuse, none what so ever...not ever going to try and come up with one!!!

SO....what have I been doing lately? Well, my youngest two have just ended a two week February break from school. Normally we have "March Break" in this province, and will do so again next year, but The Canada Games took place in our capital city, and since our school district is part of the city area of schools.....they had two weeks off.....they gave up a few extra days at Christmas to do this. Mind you, it was nice to be off, but the weather was not the best, and we couldn't really do much...and I know come March Break time...when all the rest of the province is off, they will be wanting to be off too.......

On the stitching front....I cannot wait until March 1, which is actually my Birthday, so that I can order some new Market Releases from a couple of my favourite designers....why wait you ask? Because I am part of The Birthday Club at Downsunshine Lane so want to take advantage of that....
I have gotten a few of my WIP's out and stitched on them.....currently I am working on Jenny Bean's Humble Servant Sampler...and liking it....I started it a while ago, and recently picked it up's on 40 count linen that I had in my stash....
Next up is my Seven Days of Creation by Plum Street Samplers...I do love this design, and want to get it finished up and framed...And finally, I did do some more stitching on My Lizzie Kate..Flip iT Bits....still can't decide if I will frame this, or turn it into a Bell Pull...I do have some nice Bell Pull hardware in my stash...any thoughts on this?
So now it's off to make my morning coffee and say a prayer that we will actually get out today....we had rain yesterday and a flash freeze (apparently) and snow last night...oh joy, oh bliss........
Until next time, which I PROMISE will be sooner than later!!!
Take care everyone


  1. Marion: I understand where you are coming from as far as not blogging for a long time. I did the same thing this month.

    Lovely projects! We just got the snow here in New Brunswick but we got a lot of it on top of what we had. Just what we needed. It was a busy time for you with the Winter Games going on.

  2. Marion,
    I know what you mean about blogging. I found that when I took a break I didn't WANT to get back to it, and the longer I was away, the less I wanted to resume.
    Your pieces are beautiful, and you are a brave soul for tackling that 7 Days of Creation!!

  3. Lovely projects; in my next life I may do a sampler....I have too much fabric to ever quit quilting. At 90 I will still be trying to get old projects done...kind of sad. I think my mother looked at me and when she started quilting she WOULD NOT start a new project until she was finished with the old. I should learn from her but then I wouldn't be able to start a new project until I'm.....90.