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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

STILL ALIVE AND BREATHING (most of the time) would think that I left the planet on occasion. I cannot for the life of me keep posting more frequently. I sit here and browse the wonderful Blogs that I visit regularly...sometimes I comment...sometimes I don't....but why, oh why can I not post to my own Blog???

I have been a bit stressed DH has his own Business and it has been rather slow lately...we are not destitute by any means, we will be fine, but it is stressful. He has been sending out resumes lately...looking to add on to what he currently does, or getting something fulltime and just doing what he does now part-time or in the a good thought or prayer for this situation would be greatly appreciated. I know things will turn around at some point.

I have been stitching lately....I have been working on a few WIP's...none that I really took photos of though.....but I will one of these days.

I do have a finish though!! This is my Lizzie Kate FlipiTBits....I made it into a Bellpull...what do you all think? I do like's very colourful and much better looking in person than the photo.

If anyone is interested in the 12 charts....they are available for $5.00 including postage to the US and Canada. (for the 12).


  1. I love your finish! Beautiful! I hope things turn around for your husband's business soon. Good luck to him in his job search too.

  2. Love your Bellpull. Yes, I will add your family to my prayers. Hopefully, things will work out for you and your family soon.

    Hugs to you.

  3. Great finish, congratulations! All the best for your DH's business.

  4. Sorry to hear about slow business :o( We've had five shops close here in the last month. Bad times. I hope things pick up for you two. My fingers are crossed!

    Sweet finish! Love it in the bellpull :o) Have you sold the charts yet? Lmk.

  5. Glad to hear you are still kicking girl! Wondered what was up. Hope things pick up for your DH.
    Love your Lizzie Kate - looks fantastic as a bell pull!