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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Fall of Man......

Good morning from Nova Scotia!!!
I fell in love with this older "Plum Street Sampler" design, the first time I found it while browsing the web. I had to have it to add to my ever growing obsession of Paulette's designs....I got it, and started it, and am almost finished with goal is to take it to get framed later this week
Not sure what is going on with the colour....the actual colour is somewhere in between both photos. It is dark out once again today, so it's not great for taking photos!
Last week was a busy week here in this oldest turned 21........I worked extra hours at my part-time job (I am a card merchandiser for American Greetings).....and the general getting back into a routine thing going on......this week probably won't be much different.
Any of you fellow stitchers collectors? I am a collector....I love collecting things, and adding to my's the thrill of the hunt, you know what I mean? Recently, (okay, a few months ago)....I started collecting flower frogs and scissors.....this is one of my flower frogs, with my "black" scissors displayed. Sadly, my family does not see my obsession with scissors or flower frogs....LOL.....
At any rate, must get my day started around here......possibly a venture out into our large back yard with the puppy, to burn off some of his energy....and then stitch for a while, while waiting for the cable guy to arrive to change something....
Have a great day everyone!!!!


  1. Love the PSS piece! Wow, you are almost done! And the flower frog -- nice -- love the black and white. Isn't everyone a collector? lol!

  2. And a hello to you. I hope you are not getting too much snow today although I imagine Nova Scotia gets a lot.

    I would love to see some photos of the area you live. It is amazing how you can share the world with your blogging friends.

    I would like to know about the piece in the top right hand corner of your banner. It looks so beautiful as does all your stitching.

  3. Oh, no! I have never seen that design before!! I am in love! Is it still available, or should I start begging Paulette? ;) I have collected Sheepish Designs for years. Lately I have been on the hunt for Birds of a Feather and Goode Huswife. The hunt is always fun, but the finds are sweet! :)

  4. Love the PSS piece. That's in my stash and I will do it, one of these days. Yours looks great!

    Great new start to your flower (scissor) frog collection. I have more than I can possibly use but still buy them when I see an unusual one.

    I love collecting!

  5. The PSS piece looks fabulous. You'll be celebrating a finish in no time at all.
    I understand your need to collect... I love collecting things too.

  6. Ack!!! I love your PSS piece. I am jonesing to start that, too. And The Flood. And, well, everything that Paulette has designed!

    I am definitely a collector. Your flower frog is so nice!

  7. Fantastic Marion! Can't wait to see it framed :o)

    Flower frogs are so hard to find. I do LOVE my Cornflower one though ;o)