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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I just HAD to post....

Nicola, over at is having a competition, and well, I just HAD to post a couple of photos of Hemi....he is really quite hilarious when it comes to his sleeping positions.....the first one...he fell asleep on my youngest daughter when she had her legs out like this........
And this is his usual sleeping position in his kennel.......
As for the stitching front, I have been stitching here and there......a couple of smalls with nothing to speak of to show at the moment....I do have a framing to show you though! I just LOVE how this turned out....and also I thought I'd show you a photo (sorry for the poor quality, it's hard to get a photo of this wall)...of my stitching wall.....
Enjoy your day everyone!!


  1. What a beautiful sampler wall.

    Hemi is adorable.

  2. I love, love your wall of beautiful sampler's.

    I also LOVE your furbaby and how he is laying on his back, We have 3 small poodles and they do that. It is too cute!!!

    I am happy to see you posted I really enjoyed it!!!

  3. My dogs sleep in some amusing positions, as well! Hemi is very cute!
    Love your sampler wall and the PSS frame is perfect!

  4. Hemi is adorable! You have a wonderful sampler wall.

  5. lol! Love the sleeping positions! I'm planning to post a pic of Mia when I post on my blog too. Your sampler wall looks wonderful! Beautiful framing on the PSS piece.

  6. LOL! Love the pictures of Hemi :o)

    Your wall of stitching looks fantastic!

  7. Hi Marion: Yes, I'm finally back. Hemi is so adorable and what a cute way to sleep. Great wall of stitching.